Sculptor working in River Studios

What appealed to you most about your studio space when you first saw it?

The glass window with the wooden frame that is apart of the the wall... and having the space to fill and create in, to lock the door and and walk away from, and then return to whenever I want. Being surronded by other artists doing there thing.

How have you made this space your own?

By filling it with bits of metal, hanging photos on the wall, suspending nests in the space. Each time I leave it I try to make sure it looks like something, as a space, so I can walk back into a world when I return and be inspired to keep making.

What do you create or make in your studio?

I weave nests, glues photos onto tin and rub them back, make lanterns, rip expensive paper and make layered drops. I also eat corn chips, drink coffee, sleep, stretch, dance, dream. 

What is your favourite item in your studio at the moment (or in the whole building)?

The big bits of tin I was given from a farmer. A top off a water tank and another piece of pressed tin that nobody has been able to tell me what it once did.

About Stefanie

Stefanie Robinson is an artist, puppeteer, performer. She attended the John Bolton Theatre School in 1996 and completed the Postgraduate Diploma-Animatuering, in the Dance School at the Victorian College of Arts, Melbourne in 2004.

Stefanie's desire to creatively connect with community has created a diverse CV. From performing internationaly with Polyglot Theatre to directing large-scale community events and parades throughout Australia Europe and New Zealand, including the Opening of the Woodford Folk Festival in 2013/14, the Taranaki International Arts festival (2007) and Cocoon (2009) at the Latrobe Regional Gallery.

From 2011 – 2013 Stefanie worked with the bush fire affected communities of Whittlesea and surrounding areas to create Into the Light. In 2012 this project won the National LG Pro award for Active Arts.

Stefanie hosted the installation/bar Bev’s Bar at Melbourne’s 2005 fringe festival and has created a number of solo performances using her dance and performance making skills. In 2008 she was a part of the Puppet Caravan that traveled and performed across Australia to Perth to perform at the UNIMA International Puppetry festival and Conference.

In 2013 Stefanie installed “Forest” in the Little Red train that is Synergy gallery and in 2014 she is heading to Sweden to engage as an artist in the Bird Lab residencey with ARNA.