Visual Artist working in River Studios

About Tatjana 

Tatjana Este is a Melbourne-based, multidisciplinary visual artist. She holds a Masters of Fine Arts with Honours degree from Elam School of Fine Arts - Auckland, New Zealand. Tatjana was born in Yugoslavia and emigrated to New Zealand in the early nineties.

In 2008 she moved to Australia. The style of her work has been described as eclectic, multifaceted and theatrical.

Visually, Tatjana’s practice is predominantly informed by her European heritage. Her art-making techniques are diverse and involve a wide range of traditional and contemporary materials and mediums.

She is interested in the symbolic meaning of a familiar subject matter, and how it emerges when placed in a new context. Mainly inspired by history and folklore, Tatjana explores ideas that examine and comment on current personal and social issues. In essence, her practice is conceptually based and aesthetically driven.

Tatjana has been involved with theatre productions, design projects and private art commissions.

She has been exhibiting in Australia and internationally, and her work is held in private collections in Australia, New Zealand, Serbia and Italy.

In addition to participating in various projects and exhibitions, Tatjana also teaches art classes for adults and children.