Cardboard Architect working in River Studios

About Tobias

Tobias Horrocks is an architect who works with cardboard – a cardboard architect. He is the founding principal of design practice Fold Theory, creating bespoke furniture, temporary spaces and sculptural installations.

Working in cardboard has challenged Tobias to work as designer, engineer and builder of shapes and structures previously unimaginable. It has enabled him to develop a playful and experimental design practice - Fold Theory. It has opened up the possibility of formal invention without relying on the energy-intensive resources of more permanent materials. It has allowed a swifter speed of production and design feedback. It has informed his working practice in ways that traditional architecture couldn’t.

Tobias has been a registered architect since 2005. Working as an architect Tobias observed prolific waste in the building industry, particularly in the interior design field. Interiors are routinely removed in a few short years, but are comprised of materials that last much longer, in forms that are hard to re-use or recycle.

In 2014 Tobias was awarded a science and innovation fellowship to research cardboard design internationally. In 2013, his Freefold Stool won the unbuilt category at the 2013 Architeam Awards, and the best Sustainable and Waste Wise Design at the 2013 Fringe Furniture awards. In 2012 he was a recipient of a State Library of Victoria Creative Fellowship. 2006 he won the Lockwood Design a Lever Competition with a design based on minimising waste in manufacture. Tobias works part-time as a tutor in architectural design, history and theory at the University of Melbourne. He also regularly writes reviews of architecture and design for magazines and online publications.