Multidisciplinary Artist working in River Studios

About Auf Wiedersehen

Under the pseudonym Auf Wiedersehen, Jacqueline Smith is a multidisciplinary artist from Melbourne, Australia.

As a self-taught artist, my illustrations feature a lot of shy girls, Scandinavian-inspired landscapes, mountains and the intangible feelings that surround us, the sense of things on the tips of our tongues and the thoughts we can’t quite grasp. Exploring the idea that we are all in made up of the little things around us; my works alternate between delicate pencil and watercolour pieces, to larger scale paintings and tactile sculptural works as part of a series of Tiny Landscapes I hand form in my studio.

A lot of my works focus on dissecting the world around us and selecting palettes from them to work into my paintings; observing in particular the palettes found in nature and foreign landscapes, in turn turning them into textile-like paintings or prints.

Having shown in numerous galleries around Melbourne, including her solo show MARKS WE MAKE in 2014, the focus now is refining and experimenting past processes, using new tactile materials to create small objects people will wear or display.

Auf Wiedersehen – translating from German not to goodbye but to ‘until we see each other again’ – stands for the beauty behind impermanence, helping us to feel that not all that is gone is lost or forgotten. We are the land and the land is us, and the aim of my work as Auf Wiedersehen is to invite others into these thoughts to take comfort in the unseen and intangible through the artworks produced.

How do you spend your days in the studio?

I spend my days in the studio either drawing, painting or hand making small ceramic objects. Most days involve tackling one of the many projects I have going at any one time, taking breaks to just enjoy the studio; watering my plants and rearranging my space.

I share my space with Erin Reynolds, a fellow maker and all-round crafty person.