Architect working in Boyd School Studios

About Yvonne

I am an architect and I work across architecture, education, and events. I founded my practice Von Atelier at the beginning of 2015, and I teach regularly at both Monash and the University of Melbourne. I also co-curate the PROCESS at Loop Bar, a series of monthly talks that discusses various topics in design.

I am interested in the ergonomics of architecture, and the resulting patina created by people. We understand space through its relationship to our body. By touching the surfaces, altering, adding and removing, each of these actions gives a space its own character. Buildings are never static, but they learn and evolve as much as their inhabitants.  It is this that I like to explore in my work - the way people engage and adapt their environment, and understanding how to design for that.

As well as creating architecture I believe it is equally as important to discuss and advocate for it. I have been heavily involved in the Australian Institute of Architects young architects group, written articles, and been juror for industry awards. By keeping the conversation about our built environment live we can examine it, challenge it, and work towards improving the way we live.

How do you use your space?

I use my space as the home base for my architectural practice. Here I draw, write, research, and design. The space is great – it’s bright and spacious and the size gives me flexibility to me to work with others on collaborative projects.

In addition to architectural work, I also use the space to explore other creative pursuits, such as dabbling in photography, blogging, and crafts.