Artist working in Boyd School Studios

David Hugh Thomas

David has had a continuous art practice since graduating from Deakin University in 1982. He has had 16 solo exhibitions,including 4 with William Mora, and most recently,at the St Kilda Town Hall Gallery 'Inklin' (16 years of ink drawing) in 2013.Another solo show was held at the Australian Consulate in New York.

His work has been exhibited in exhibitions at ACCA, & group shows at Heide, Ian Potter and the Andre Zarre Gallery in New York, as well as many other venues.He has curated exhibitions, including several at the Monash University Museum of Art where he has worked since 1998. David has co-run the annual Falls Creek Artist Camp since 2005.

"Drawing is at the heart of my practice and I keep copious notebooks, documenting all the fabulous places and events that I have experienced through the years. Then I use these drawings as inspiration to create other more ambitious artwork, in inks… oils and other materials... as needed."

How do you use your space?

I use this space in many ways. I am very compact, so have archives, art library,older artworks,& tools on shelves, as well as plan drawers full of work, art materials, and odd quirky things that artists often pick up. A stereo is essential, as is a motley collection of chairs, and old art magazines to remember what Anselm Kiefer was doing in 1984.

I often work on many projects at the same time, so might move from small inks,to large oil paintings, or do some collages. Then I may fill in my journals, do some framing, and have a cup of tea. I was lucky enough to be the first tenant at Boyd Studios and I like my Creative Spaces studio very much.