Artist working in River Studios

About Melanie

In 2015 Melanie has consolidated her artistic inquiry by being part of, and reflecting on, protests, demonstrations and rallies and the concept of resistance. Her work is a multi-media mix of installation, photography and painting. In each photo, video or installation, she presents the individuals that collect, and reflects on the outcry in tangles of objects, photos, or enlarged sections of placards and banners.

Often she plays with the concept that the type of society we have, could have been different, and the future is yet to be determined. Her present exhibition “Shattered” plays with this idea. In her abstract paintings she continues the tradition of the red wedge, the message that only an organised working class can overthrow capitalism. The history of science is intimated in her abstract photography of light, change, capture, shattering, letting go and collecting.

Melanie’s recent residencies in Barcelona, Spain, put her in touch with representatives of the refugee and occupy movement. Future projects will be based on this.

Melanie has a Master in the History and Philosophy of Science from Melbourne University, and a Master in Contemporary Art from the VCA with First Class Honours. She produces work at River Studios, part of the Creative Spaces of the City of Melbourne.

How do you use your space?

River Studios gives me the opportunity to collaborate and work alongside like-minded residents. I use the space to pin up ideas and work, think about the trajectory of the projects I am working on. As a photographer, installation artist and painter, I move from one medium to another carrying themes across from a computer to a wall.

The studios at River are perfect for thinking in a creative way. The lovely spaces for coffee and sitting also make meeting and resting conducive to work, and then the walk along the river is rejuvenating.