Painter/Printmaker working in River Studios

About Christine

I completed my visual arts studies at VCA last year (2014) and moved into River Studios straight after, making a conscious committment to myself to continue to have an active art practice.  I am a painter and printmaker, but I do stray into sculpture and installation as my ideas dictate. Predominantly, my work includes animals in one way or another, with an enduring interest in conservation and a deep concern for the ongoing loss of habitat and the impact that has on biodiversity.

How do you use your space?

My studio space is very much my workshop.  I have a comfy chair set up there, but I rarely sit in it because I'm too busy making to relax! I work part time, therefore my studio is my special place where I can immediately pick up where I left off, enabling me to switch quickly into a creative mindspace with everything I need around me.