Visual Artist working in River Studios

About Lin

I am a graphic designer / artist / print maker. Since graduating with a Diploma of Graphic Design from Swinburne in 1979, I have spent over 30 years working primarily as a sole trader specialising in design for the visual/performing arts industry in Melbourne. During that time too, I have travelled widely overseas and run several of my own design practices.

In the last few years I have successfully completed both under and post-graduate studies in the Visual Arts specialising in painting, at Victoria University and the Victorian College of the Arts respectively. Currently I am looking to embrace my career as a visual artist while maintaining a more bespoke and specialised design practice that incorporates both my art and design skills.

How do you use your space?

My intention is to use this space as a painting studio. I am hoping to continue with a body of work that is largely portraiture of women, transgender and androgynous individuals. I choose the support of ‘found’, large-scale cardboard boxes that can be self-supporting and folded to stand-alone like props on the floor. I’m keen to explore the unadorned and theatrical possibilities of cardboard in combination with my chosen subject matter and I am encouraged by the non-precious surface of discarded cardboard. My preferred medium is mixed-media painting with swift application of acrylic paint making for gestural and confronting portraits.