Choreographer and Dancer

Boyd Studio-1 Residency 2

1 July 2016 to 15 December 2016

About Deanne

Deanne Butterworth is choreographer and dancer with an ongoing interest in public spaces and outdoor sculpture.

Deanne has worked with Shelley Lasica (1995-2015), performed with Danceworks and Sandra Parker Dance (2001-2011), Phillip Adams BalletLab; collaborated and performed with Jo Lloyd; worked with choreographers Brooke Stamp, Maria Hassabi, Lee Serle, Tim Darbyshire, Shian Law and in works by artists Alicia Frankovich, Helen Grogan, David Rosetzky & Linda Tegg amongst others.

Deanne has shown her work at West Space, Lucy Guerin Inc, National Gallery of Victoria, Dancehouse, PAF (France), Dance New Amsterdam, (NYC), Centre for Contemporary Photography (with Shelley Lasica), and Hong Kong Fringe, (with Jo Lloyd).

Recent work includes: 'Doublage' (Dance Massive 13 for Action/Response); 'Regarding Yesterday', by Brussels based choreographer Adva Zakai, Slopes; 'Intermission', (Maria Hassabi, ACCA); 'Entitled Title', (Tim Darbyshire, Keir Award); 'Siteless Now', National Gallery of Victoria; and 'Solos For Other People' (Shelley Lasica, Dance Massive 15).

In 2015 she participated in developments of new work by Lee Serle ('Activate'), Tim Darbyshire ('Tainted Title'), and Shian Law ('Vanishing Point') as well as participating in the Xavier le Roy Residency at Dancehouse and in a Notation workshop organised by Hannah Mathews at RMIT Design Hub. In 2016 she will create a new work with Jo Lloyd to be shown at Bus Projects.

How will you use the space?

Throughout this residency there will be two lines of enquiry:

I set out to open up a discourse with contemporary choreography that is decidedly measured and layered using as a starting point public sculptural works and public spaces in the Hoddle grid.

One line of research will focus on various public sculptures and open spaces in the Hoddle grid and the other line of enquiry will be to develop a choreographic work based on this research.

As a starting point for research I will use two publications in addition to site visits, photographs, films and interviews:

'Public Sculpture in Melbourne, A Tourist's Guide' by Gera Tonge and Stanley Hammond (1985) and 'Sculptures Of Melbourne' (2015) by Mark S. Holsworth. Published thirty years apart these two publications chronicle various iconic sculptures of Melbourne.

I will research the site of the particular sculptures, who commissioned the work, who created it and who built it and why. I will also conduct research on the affect public sculptural works have on the general public.

In addition to doing research on the sculpture in situ I wish to observe how people operate in public space- if they notice the sculpture, if so what the know of the sculpture, can they name it, when was it created, and if it's a monument to someone, who is it.

I am very interested in how people operate in public spaces. Just as a dancer can be compelling to observe I am interested in the choreography inherent in everyday situations- moving through a crowded space, watching people from above, seeing how people are attracted to a certain situation or how they avoid it.

I wish to keep the Boyd studio open for people to visit and see a working and thinking process. Having an isolated and singular studio practice is one way of working which I have done in the past and I still believe this to be a valid practice. However for this residency I wish to try a new approach of being really open with my practice and having as much contact as possible with people and other artists I wouldn't normally meet. People who visit the studio will undertake a survey which I devise reflecting my interest in open spaces and public sculptures. Also, people from other disciplines will be invited into the studio to participate.

In the spirit of a residency there will be an ongoing sense of experimentation at play.

Image credit: 'Siteless Now' for NGV Melbourne Now Dance Program, February 2014

Choreographer and Performer: Deanne Butterworth

Photographer: Narelle Wilson, NGV Photo Services