Artist working in River Studios

About Ella Jane

Ella Jane is a Melbourne based artist working primarily with oil paints. She has recently completed her Bachelor of Fine Art at RMIT University and is currently working at River Studios. Combining elements of abstraction, expressionism and pseudo-surrealism, her work is an exploration into the sub-conscious mind. Ella is deeply intrigued by dreaming and the human psyche, documenting an unconventional experience within her practice. Questioning finished versus the unfinished and the intuitive point of abandonment, raw canvas surface is often prevalent within her paintings, along with blocks and gestural sweeps of broken colour. Ella divides her work between painting, drawing, writing and electronic music.

How do you use your space?

Painting, drawing, writing, dancing, thinking, eating, reflecting, sitting idly; it’s an anything-goes environment. My studio is a playground where I am free to create, express and explore to my desire. The space itself is an ephemeral atmosphere, ever-changing.