Fast and Slow, Still


1st March – 11th April


The Dirty Dozen
Campbell Arcade,
Degraves Street Underpass, 
Melbourne 3000


About Naomi

Naomi Nicholls paints where painting is not meant to be. Having escaped the frame and left the canvas, her works prefer to stretch across other surfaces, around corners, up walls, across floors and ceiling.

Her glossy, collaged installations of paint and brightly coloured vinyl are made with huge brushes that require her whole body to move them around. This action or performance comes from impulsive movements like the sudden extension of her limbs; it leaves behind the painting as evidence of what action took place.

Naomi Nicholls’ work has been shown in exhibitions at C3 Contemporary Arts Space, Penang Malay Art Gallery Malaysia, Trocadero Billboard, Seventh Gallery, The Substation and Rubicon ARI. She recently won an award for her work in Knox City Council’s Immerse Exhibition and received the Encouragement Award from Hobsons Bay City Council for their Art in Public Places festival in 2013.

How will you use the space?

Collages placed directly on the wall spread out over the interior of the Dirty Dozen cases. They flow over corners, across walls and up the glass. Glossy brushstrokes swerve in and out. Photographs of familiar natural and urban environments contrast with the vibrant colour. The landscape comes indoors, integrating the natural world with the brush stroke.

Photos below by WeiWei Chong