Artist and Author working in River Studios

About Lisa

Lisa Currie is an artist and author living in Melbourne, Australia. She creates playful activity books for adults and teenagers, exploring the subjects of self-reflection, gratitude, creativity and mental wellness. Her books so far include The Scribble Diary, Me You Us, and most recently, The Positivity Kit, all published by Penguin Random House.

Her books and the free creative resources she shares on her website are used by teachers and social workers to help young people express their thoughts and feelings through doodling, and used by artists to fight creative block or self-reflect in a new way.

Lisa is also the creator of The Scribble Project, a hand-drawn artist interview project that ran for almost a decade up until 2014. Through her online community she’s hosted two large group exhibitions and many doodling collaborations that bring together hundreds of artists from all over the world.

Lisa enjoys making things with her hands and paper, practicing yoga, and covering her sharehouse kitchen with silly labels such as “bread tanning salon” on the toaster.