Communication Designer working in River Studios

About Dion

Dion is a communication designer and educator at Monash University School of Art, Design and Architecture (MADA). Alongside his position at MADA, he maintains a studio practice with clients in both the private and public sector. His studio work and current research explores how studio practice coincides with design criticism and teaching, and how this in turn informs possible models of design pedagogy. Dion has worked in numerous studios around Melbourne and has taught design at RMIT and Swinburne. He has a MA from the University of Melbourne Graduate School of Education and is currently pursuing doctoral studies in Design.

How do you use your space?

Alongside my design practice, I use the space as a kind of laboratory, testing and applying ideas that bubble up through the messy creative molasses of day to day studio work. I also carry out more intensive image making processes like screen printing or large scale drawing. The space is also great to reflect on and develop teaching ideas that extend from this practice (alongside being a great place to hide from students).