Fashion Designer working in River Studios

About Collette

I originally studied Environmental Design (Architecture) at the University of Western Australia, completed a Diploma in Photography at PSC (Melbourne) and then did a Double Arts degree in Journalism and Professional Writing at Curtin University (Perth). All of this led me to a career in arts and design publishing, spending the last 10 or so years writing about various topics within the arts and culture scene - from art and film reviews, to in-depth profile pieces on various projects and other people’s work. Keen to get my own hands dirty, I returned to complete a Diploma in Fashion at Melbourne School of Fashion and Melbourne Fashion Institute in Fitzroy in 2013, and begin work on creating my own fashion label.

I like to be involved in many areas of the design, arts and culture industries, regularly leading classes with Laneway Learning, teaching women skills such as how to dress for their body shape. I visit galleries and openings whenever possible for networking and inspiration, am present at other creative sector events and conferences, and continue to publish freelance articles about happenings that inevitably influence my own. Key to my own fashion business is collaborating with other creative people who specialise in other artforms such as illustration, graphic design, textile prints and pattern making. This helps me to focus on what I am good at, and brings new life and energy into my passion daily.

Apart from selling my clothing online through my own ecommerce website, I am regularly involved in different design markets like the Finders Keepers, the Shirt & Skirt Market at the Abbotsford Convent, the Sister’s Market in Brunswick, the rotating Melbourne Mystery Market and even travelling as far as Werribee to be at the Chevron Market.

I currently mentor three student interns in Marketing, PR, Events, Photography, Graphic Design and Video and relish the chance to see what new ideas they can also bring to my enterprise.

How do you use your space?

I am a fashion designer making ethical, sustainable and stylish maternity wear. I will use the space to design, test and make each garment I sell.