Artist working in River Studios

About Rochelle

Rochelle is a Melbourne based multi-disciplinary artist. Graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Art from MADA in 2014, Rochelle is interested in investigating social structures – movements, behaviours, and politics – within a range of self-imposed frameworks. From engaging in the personal space within the built environment, to the alien eye within science fiction, she seeks to create a framework for the participant, where perception is unsettled to provoke deep questioning. Drawing on gender and feminist theories, combined with interests in historical counter-cultural movements, natural history and experimental music, the viewer/participant is asked to experience subtle discomfort in order to question accepted paradigms and ways of seeing.

How do you use your space?

I use my space to contemplate and research new ideas from which new work hopefully develops. Whether it’s sitting and making a collage or collating recent photographs, it’s a great space to reflect and foster the production of new concepts.

It’s also great to catch up with mates that I went to Uni with that also have studios at River, and meeting new tenants. I love the Industry of the area, and how close it is to my home.