Composer, Performer, Arranger, Engineer working in River Studios

About Tony

Tony is a critically acclaimed and commercially successful producer/engineer, arranger, composer and multi instrumentalist. He has engineered, arranged, played on and mixed award winning albums for Australian and overseas artists (Holly Throsby, Jack Ladder, Grand Salvo, Fergus Brown, Melodie Nelson, Piers Twomey, Jamie and Sophie Hutchings, Sui Zhen) and his music has been used in theatre productions, dance performances, TV series and feature films. His internationally acclaimed solo albums under the name Saddleback  (Everything’s a Love Letter, Night Maps) were released by Australian Label Preservation. He has also performed live internationally, distributed and promoted album releases, produced radio shows, run production workshops, recorded with small and big children, non English speakers and non musicians.

Tony spent three years living and working full time as a producer/ composer/ performer in Berlin, returning in 2011 to study a Master’s Degree in Improvisation on cello at Macquarie University. He received an ARTstart grant from the Australia Council in 2014/15 (now completed) to further explore improvisation, instrument studies, arranging and recording.

This enabled him to receive tuition, work with a variety of musicians and explore the sonics of recording in a reverberant space. He has a publishing contract with Gaga music which profiles his music and has given him opportunities within film and TV. He also lectures in music production and continues to produce albums for artists such as upcoming albums from Melbourne musicians James Teague, Lucy Roleff and Maddie Duke. Tony’s love of instruments and playing includes guitar, cello, double bass, clarinet and more obscure instruments such as the stroh violin and the wolf fidel. 

How do you use your space?

Combining our workload together under abandoned fireworks factory, Claire and I currently use our space at River Studios for quiet thinking and research, writing, arranging, editing and mixing.