Artist working in River Studios

About Holly

My Work is self-disclosing and self-referential. I think of my art as giving voices and bodies to memory. I dig deeply until I hit a nerve. The expression of  my art frees them and transforms the memory into something that no longer needs me to contain them. My practice is multidisciplinary including but not limited to film, sculpture, performance and installation.

A major theme that has evolved in my oeuvre is around hair and the significance of hair. This has sprung from an in-depth exploration of my memory of being a young female who developed “Alopecia Universale" at the age of 29.  Alopecia Universale means total hair loss. The resulting art works (film, photography, performance and sculpture) all provoke contemplation of themes around sexuality, power, femininity, identity and externally-focused vs our internally-focused performance.

I have been trained at the Victorian School of the Arts and am currently being mentored by Veronica Kent.

How do you use your space?

I use my space for painting, researching, for trialling new ideas and for building my sculptures.