Playwrights working in Boyd School Studios

About Lonely Company

Lonely Company is a new initiative by playwrights and dramaturgs Fleur Kilpatrick, Bridget Mackey, and Morgan Rose. We aim to create a space where writers feel supported in their work in what can sometimes be an alienating industry. 

Lonely Company is founded on two core beliefs about playwriting:

  1. That playwriting is lonelier than a collaborative art form should be. 

  2. That we trust playwrights to know what creative process works for them.

Lonely Company does not stage works; rather, we want to support playwrights throughout the first year of their writing process on a brand new project.

What attracted you to the space and what makes your studio suitable for your practice?

Lonely Company is about community and artists supporting each other. This made Creative Spaces a very easy fit. We love being part of an artistic community. This work space offers us this, whilst also providing a space that is quiet, bright and peaceful: a perfect place to create in. 

In the past year, between the three of us we have supported 10 emerging writers in the creation of new plays. We have also run workshops for the broader community and, at the beginning of 2017, we launched our first festival, Beta Fest: Theatre in Various States of Undress. This saw us mount extracts from 18 unfinished plays by Melbourne playwrights for sold out audiences.

As writers, our work is very quiet and requires calm and focus. For this reason we were drawn to Boyd School Studios as a place to escape the chaos of the usual working spaces of playwrights: sharehouses, cafes, and crowded warehouse studios shared with artists working in disciplines that require noisy equipment.

Fleur Kilpatrick
Fleur Kilpatrick is a playwright, director and arts commentator. She holds a Postgraduate Diploma of Directing and a Masters in Performance Writing from the VCA. Last year Fleur completed her dramaturgy internship under the guidance of Chris Mead. She is the Artistic Coordinator of the Monash Academy of Performing Arts and this year won the Jill Blewett Playwrights Award/ Previous awards include The Melbourne Fringe Best Emerging Writer and the South Australian State Theatre’s Young Playwright’s Award.

Morgan Rose
Morgan Rose is a performance maker with a background in Suzuki Actor Training, The Viewpoints, Composition, Slow Tempo, and Butoh.  She completed a Masters of Writing for Performance at VCA in 2013. In 2014 she undertook a Dramaturgy Internship with Playwriting Australia  and the following year took part in the Besen Writers’ Programme at Malthouse. She was a recipient of the Red Stitch INK Development Initiative in 2015. Recent works include: Lord Willing and the Creek Don’t Rise (writer, MTC NEON), Virgins and Cowboys (writer, Theatre Works, 2015), and Welcome to Nowhere (co-writer, Monash/Malthouse, 2015). She is currently the resident writer at Riot Stage Youth Theatre.

Bridget Mackey
Bridget Mackey is a Melbourne playwright and dramaturg. Bridget’s play The Exact Dimensions of Hell was read at the Melbourne Theatre Company as part of Cybec Electric 2016. Other plays by Bridget include: Exit Everything (with Georgie McAuley, Little Sister Projects 2015), Kindness (Flight Festival 2015) and Hose (MKA 2012). Bridget is a founding member of Lonely Company and is Literary Manager for five.point.one. She has worked as a dramaturg on a number of projects including Blessed by Fleur Kilpatrick and The Lake by Ben Brooker. In 2016 Bridget is a grateful recipient of travel grants from both the Dame Joan Sutherland Fund and the Ian Potter Cultural Trust. In 2014 Bridget undertook a dramaturgy internship with Playwriting Australia at MTC. Bridget holds a Masters of Writing for Performance from the VCA (2013) and a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Acting) from Flinders University (2007).