Writer/Photographer working in River Studios

About Alan

Alan Weedon is a writer and photographer brought up in the badlands of Melbourne’s West. He’s keen on urbanism, architecture and other things explored in VICE, Apathetic Journal, and The Quietus, among others. He has a Bachelor of Communications (journalism) from RMIT.

What attracted you to the space and what makes your studio suitable for your practice?

As a photographer who dabbles in longform journalism from time to time, I needed a space that was adaptable to both forms. Essentially one needs space to stage a variety of shoot situations, whereas the other effectively needs desk space. However, one of the more important things that attracted me to the space was the guarantee of having various minds to bounce off once I was in my studio. For me, the cross-pollination of ideas between artists of various forms provides me with more of an impetus to be fully conscious of a critical dialogue within my work.