Designer working in River Studios

About Marty

Marty loves making and creating, it’s a process of the way he lives his life. If he can fix it, mend it, modify it long before throwing it away, he will. He believes heavily in re-using, re-purposing and repairing wherever possible.

Elephants & Robots

Elephants & Robots was born on the back of a bicycle as Marty pedaled it half way around the world a few years ago. His self made equipment in many situations outlasted that of better known manufacturers. Marty's River Studios space will be a haven of thoughts, processes, art, the writing of words, and making more bags and sacks.

What attracted you to the space?

River Studios is such a rad space. I really like the way that it’s nestled between the banks of a slow meandering river and the chaos and haste of industry and transport... much like the entwined world of all the creatives it is home to.