Jewellery and Object Designer working in River Studios

About Sandra

Sandra is a self-taught artisan and maker from Melbourne who is currently studying Jewellery and Object Design at NMIT. Prior to her early teens her recollections are of collecting discarded telephone wire and manipulating and twisting them until something of a wearable nature was made. Her passion for designing and making enthusiastically evolved and she began to nurture and embrace the realisation that she could use her hands to produce wearable items as a means of displaying expression and personality in a non-verbal way. Having worked with a diverse range of mediums and techniques for over 20 years she considers herself as an explorer and conqueror of many materials and often combines and applies both conventional and unconventional practices in her work. She also seeks to infuse colour, chemistry and experimentation into her works, inspired by visual resources such as nature, colour, texture, architecture and pattern. Researching, learning new techniques, trends and technologies is an integral part of her practice providing her with further foundations to cultivate. Sandra enjoys the challenge of producing minimal yet bold and striking works and is primarily driven to ensure all her pieces evoke and demand conversation whilst making a statement.

What attracted you to the space and what makes the studio suitable for your practice?

Firstly, locality. I wanted a space which is close to home. The studio is less than 5km from my residence. This is important as I wish to access the studio daily. It allows me to remain near my suppliers, customers and home. It also offers flexibility to be in and out of the studio several times a day if required. The environment is also paramount. My place of work is potentially a reflection of my professionalism and an extension of my business and reputation. I am after a professional working space and a shared space consisting of various other artists and craftspeople that have like values and are professional about their work. A multi-disciplinary shared space is a bonus and I see this as a benefit to my growth as an emerging designer. River studios is a hub in which learning and exploring can be fostered. There is greater potential for collaborating, which I am very receptive and excited about. My Studio space and overall facility amenities are perfect. I require a space that gives me the freedom to work without being conscious of soiling floors and to continue my work-in-progress the following day. I like the fact that the studio spaces are lockable and all personal items and tools can be left securely which provides me with peace of mind. Another key element is that the space can be customised to my own requirements.