Portrait Artist working in River Studios


KYLEKM is best known for his emotionally dark yet beautiful oil portraits. A creative who works and bleeds the creative industry, he focuses on expressive strokes of paint while still carefully blending and controlling the emotive oils that are thickly layered creating a texture and depth. His current focus is on a body of work exploring the importance of the individual creative working in the industry, whether it be a Fashion Designer, Student, Drag Queen, Musician or even simply someone in the crowd supporting.

The intricacies of inspiration and influence spread further than the extraordinarily successful and KYLEKM looks to explore and immortalise those sometimes forgotten individuals. Those that through the challenges of every day life continue to push themselves and thus inspire others to express themselves and continue to develop the subcultures of creative industry, inevitably shifting the dynamics of the future of creative culture.

What attracted you to the space and what makes your studio suitable for your practice?

Separating work from life he plans to structure and continue to explore and develop his practice. Utilising the space for life models to paint and sketch from, commissioners to visit and pose for their portraits, and to explore his passion further and at a much larger scale.