EMERGING VISUAL ARTIST working in River Studios

Katie Starkey is an emerging visual artist whose practice focuses on drawing and screen printing.

She studied Visual Arts at universities in Buenos Aires and Barcelona, and studied screen printing at the Barcelona School of Arts and Crafts “La Llotja”. She has participated in group exhibitions and art projects both here in Melbourne and in Barcelona.

Katie has been based in Melbourne since 2016.

What attracted you to the space and what makes your studio suitable for your practice?

I was attracted to being part of a community of practicing artists. I've found the other artists in residence at River Studios to be supportive, friendly and active. Being part of this community motivates me.

I use my studio to draw and screen print. I also work in the arts and disability sector, and do the planning required for this work from my studio. My space at River Studios is perfect for my practice as it is suitable for messy work, and has good wash up facilities for washing out my screens. I also enjoy the quiet, positive studio atmosphere.