Graphic Designers working in River Studios

About No Clients

No Clients is a Melbourne based practice for design specialising in typography, graphic identities, type design, web development, and editorial design. No Clients is founded upon an interest and prioritisation of self initiated projects which pose questions and provocations around our practice.

As the name suggests, No Clients does not work for clients rather collaborates with artists, architects, designers, writers, editors, publishers, activists, curators and those who are invested in engaging with a critical dialogue about their own work and the broader cultural implications it may have.

No Clients is interested in the discourse around modes of publishing and operates as a commercial risograph printing press.

No Clients’ founding members are Samuel Heatley, Robert Janes, Ned Shannon, and Beaziyt Worcou. We are currently open to collaborations and commissions. No funny business.

What attracted you to the space and what makes your studio suitable for your practice?

A space large enough for us to work independently and collaboratively is crucial to the success of our practice. We also need enough space to operate our various printing aspects of our practice, being risography and screenprinting.

Our goals with our practice involve client and studio based work as well as exercises in archiving, pedagogy, experimentation and knowledge sharing.

All these things can only be successful with a space that we can make our own, which we feel is possible at River Studios.