Portrait Artist working in River Studios

T.Wilkinson, known as Harmony to her friends, is a Brisbane artist presently residing in Melbourne. As a midwife and a nurse, she has spent the last 20 years specialising in portraits, mainly of babies in her care, giving them to the mothers as a memento of their achievements in birthing, regardless of the type of delivery and outcome. Harmony focuses on the sick neonates in the Special Care Nursery, babies of mums that have had a 'hard time' and the sad cases of Stillbirth.

She believes her ability to capture their essence is a gift and as such, gifts them on to the parents. These portraits have travelled all over the world. Her mediums are graphite, watercolour, pastel and acrylic. Harmony does portraits of adults and pets and likes to capture the landscapes about her (sometimes finding a world of faeries seen only by her..).

Harmony is a Portrait Artist, Seamstress, Potter, Spinner, Weaver, Maker of Medicine Drums and anything she sets her mind to. “There is no limit to ones potential”