Photographer working in River Studios

About Katayoun 

Katayoun Javan is an Iranian, Australian artist based in Melbourne. She has a BA in photography from Tehran Azad University. She completed her MFA at Deakin University in 2013. Her work is based on the notion of home, family, memory and Iranian Diaspora due to Iran's 1979 revolution. She has exhibited in Australia, Iran, Italy and Brazil. She is the winner of Leica excellence in photo media at CCP Salon 2014 and recipient of State Library of Victoria Creative Fellowship in 2016. There result of the fellowship a photographic exhibition and interview with Iranian immigrants in Victoria were exhibited at State Library ; Palmer Hall in 2017. 

What attracted you to the space?

I heard about this space from a friend at Creative Spaces and when I visited the studio, the size, light and rental fee were all perfect for me and my practice. My practice in photography currently is more about photo making; including scanning, re-photography of found images, photo manipulation and generally desk based work rather than taking photos. Therefore I needed a private room with good light so I be able to have a desk and my scanner there.