Painter working in River Studios

Inbal Nissim is an Israeli artist currently based in Melbourne. Nissim creates painting and painting based installations, She collects fragmented images of life from the world : views, shapes, places, objects, as well as memories, both Historical, contemporary, collective private and even subconscious. Her unique body of work, feeds from this collection ,it is an archive-in motion that consistently accumulate, making Nissim’s work an ongoing project in which each work or series is an evolution of the other.

Nissim received her MFA (2011) from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design where she also received her BFA (2006), which she graduated with honor and was awarded the Mitchell Presser Prize, for excellence in painting, and the Schneidinger Award, An Excellence Scholarship and the Creation Encouragement Award.
She was invited (2012) as an artist in residence to the AFFECT Residency Program in Berlin.

Nissim exhibited several solo shows in Israel, and participated in projects and group exhibitions in Israel Germany and Greece.

What atracted you to River Studios?

The Studio in river studios attracted me for several reasons – The industrial building, surrounding and space have their special appeal to me, as much as the proximity to the River.

In River Studios I will be working mostly with ink on paper paintings and their printed enlargements, to create installations and develop future projects.