Artist working in River Studios

I am a Melbourne based self - taught artist. For the past twenty years I have worked as a freelance hair and makeup artist, also creating my own company.
In 2005 the opportunity of renting studio space resulted in the beginning of learning the process of painting. Having always drawn, I was curious to learn how oils worked. As a result, most of what I have learnt today is through trial and error.

Everybody has a story, and all are fascinating to me and this is what I aspire to reflect in my life studies. I work with the sitter first with a series of sketches and then later, painting. It is during this working process that the subject relaxes in to their own thoughts enabling me to see their stories reflected in their physical being more clearly.

My painting translates what I see in a loose yet representational style. I am very excited to become part of the Creative Spaces River Community in 2018!

What attracted you to River Studios?

In the past I have only ever painted alone and have badly missed a sense of community. I am very impressed with the whole set up at River. I love the privacy and natural light in the studio but also the openness of the warehouse environment and the recycled building materials are also very impressive to me.

I very much look forward to exploring and creating here in the year to come!