Digital and Film Artist working in River Studios

I am the artistic director for the Oasis:creativity on the fringe of the desert,initiated by the Victorian Government and managed by Regional Arts Victoria.The Oasis project is currently and transforming a historic site for creative production, exhibition and cultural connection. Through a artistic program exploring the environmental, spiritual and narrative aspects town and landscape. The Oasis will establish a vital and ongoing relationship with the local Aboriginal community, initiate new connections to Southeast Asian, and strengthen existing local and metropolitan bonds. By facilitating unique and diversified cultural and creative activities, Rainbow will be transformed into a fertile and thriving hub.

What attracted you to the space and what makes your studio suitable for your practice?

As artistic director of the Oasis project, my creative role includes liaison with Melbourne artists and collaborators like myself, and urban artists to participate in MAP Rainbow and the international links especially to the Asian countries. As an artist I also need space to continue my own practice and have access to resources not available in regional victoria.