Drawer working in River Studios

Oslo Davis is, broadly speaking, a drawer of images.

Oslo’s work appears regularly in the New York Times, The Age and The Monthly, as well as in exhibitions and collections Australia-wide.

Oslo’s drawings traverse a great range of styles, from the comical to the decorative, the instructional to the subversive, the serviceable to the absurd.

For more than 20 years Oslo has created thousands of images with pencils, ink and paints on paper, and, most recently with an iPad. Oslo has done editorial work for newspapers and magazines, cartoons, murals in galleries, tattoos, art activity books for kids, illustrations for t-towels, tote bags, toilet paper and coffee cups, window displays, stubby holders, rock posters and interactive websites. Oslo was previously awarded a Creative Fellowship at the State Library of Victoria, and is a former Walkley Award finalist.

Since 2007 Oslo’s work has appeared in The Age newspaper. His weekly Overheard cartoon in the Sunday Age has been published for more than ten years. Oslo has regular drawing (and writing) gigs with The Monthly, Art Guide Australia, Meanjin and the Readings Monthly. He has also drawn for the New York Times, Guardian and SBS.

What attracted you to the space and what makes your studio suitable for your practice?

I'm attracted to the community-feel of the space. I like the location - a short ride from home - and how the whole studio arrangement is set up.