Online Retro Store working in River Studios

Over the years my extensive experience working with high end clothing brands such as Versace and Roberto Cavalli have provided me with knowledge and love for all things steeped in history, design, beautifully made and workmanship. I have great respect for artisans and their craft and appreciate and respect the time and effort that is involved in creating a masterpiece.

You could say that this also applies to my first passion which is my love for all things vintage and retro which inspired me to open my own online retro store. I have had no formal training in the field of antiquities but I have a natural ability to source and to identify items of value. I also have amassed a great deal of books on antiques, collectables and conduct a great deal of research on items that I rescue, purchase or have been gifted. I also spend a great deal of time trawling through op-shops which I like to refer to as a treasure hunt. I not only collect all things vintage from books to Mid-century furniture but also lighting, vintage clothing and pretty much everything else. I love what I do, I love up cycling furniture, restoring pottery, mending and altering clothing. I am a Conservationist of all things vintage and retro so that future generations can appreciate all the beauty and wonder that I see in each piece.

What attracted you to the space and what makes your studio suitable for your practice? 

Firstly, the space is close to home so it’s easily accessible in order for me to access stock. Secondly, I love knowing that I am part of a family who are just as creative as I am but in different fields but just as passionate as I am about what I do. Furthermore, I am looking forward to meeting everyone and Learning new things.