Visual artist working in River Studios

I am a recent graduate, Masters of Visual Art, 2017. Historically, my practice has been influenced by my experiences and how that has shaped my view of the world with regard to human values, feminism and is, to some extent, a social l commentary. I use sculpture, drawing and performance in themes of ‘flesh’ and ‘skin’ to recreate forms examining my own curiosity and my aim becomes a provocative piece that can impact out of my own questioning.

Materials I like to use are paper, paper Mache, ink, pencil, oil paint, rubber and I like to develop new ways of combining sculpture, drawing and materials. With regard to technique I enjoy layering different material to create depth. I often layer thin paper and imagery and apply it onto Perspex or build up a drawing through the technique of the Paper Mache process.

I have, until recently, treated the two and three dimensional artistic mediums separately. I have been working with ways to mesh these modalities and I aim to gain more of an understanding on how to bring these art forms together in one piece to evoke impacts across social, cultural, economic and interpersonal boundaries in a positive way. 

What attracted you to the space and what makes your studio suitable for your practice?

There are 54 artists and 74 studios with many different artists working across a range of disciplines in one building. I like the size of the individual studio spaces and provide a good amount of space to continue my drawing practice and explore ways of uniting drawing and sculpture to operate as a single form of expression.

I like that River Studios also has a Project space and a Hanging space available for bookings, allowing the opportunity to play with how my art will work in a gallery situation, or in a space out of the studio. The location is easy to get to, has a lift for transporting items up to the necessary level/s, and has the possibility for items to be delivered to the location. The studio has at least one white wall which would be good for photo documentation of work. The building has Wi-Fi, power and sink.