Artist working in River Studios

An expressive artist who grew up in the Fiji islands, she works mostly with acrylic, watercolor, canvas and words (poetry) recently venturing into charcoal, oil paint and clay figurines. 2015 marks the year she dedicated her life to art; resigning from her regular job to become a self-taught artist who draws inspiration from her experiences and the people around her.

In May 2018 Kim crossed the oceans to move to Australia where she plans to engage with Australia’s art community; sharing and learning from other people and the surroundings. With enthusiasm and an open mind/heart she is eager to see how this transition will impact her career and journey as a creative artist.

What attracted you to the space and what makes your studio suitable for your practice?

Being around other serious and professional artists was one of the main attractions to this studio. River studio is a safe place and allows me the room and privacy to create, the studio space itself is roomy and I can paint freely without worrying about making a mess (not that I am messy) and my art pieces can dry in peace.

Having this studio will also give me the chance to explore other art-forms besides pain on canvas; I plan to start making clay sculptures.