Maker in Textiles working in River Studios

Sustainability is the beating heart of Kerri Ryan's handmade textile label ‘Violet & Maud’. Kerri makes textile products including bags, homewares and accessories. Recently she has focussed on making practical bags and wraps for market shopping and food storage, to help reduce our reliance on plastic.

Her aim is to slow down, embrace traditional stitching techniques and give new life to old materials. She sources premium new, vintage and found materials whilst being mindful of their origin. Kerri is drawn to Japanese and Australian design and loves to incorporate some form of embellishment, or a practical twist to her work. From ‘Op Shop’ shabby or Japanese mending, to modern hand printed eco-linen – each piece is made with great care in her studio.

What attracted you to the space and what makes your studio suitable for your practice? 

Having studio space with Creative Spaces at River Studios is a wonderful opportunity, and helps me to separate my ‘making’ business from my home life. The best part is being engaged with a community of makers and new friends. I’m so happy to be sharing ideas with like-minded people, exploring collaborative opportunities with other makers and being an engaged member of Melbourne’s craft community.