Painter working in River Studios

As a young kid Dwayne grew up in the Art Gallery of South Australia thanks to his grandmother being a gallery guide, however only relatively recently thinking to paint himself. Dwayne now paints as a way to channel emotions that can be overwhelming and confronting, turning them into something positive. For Dwayne painting is a practice in mindfulness, being in the moment, and letting it take you over.

Dwayne creates colourful abstract paintings, oil on canvas, featuring blocks of colour and intricate details that occur largely by chance. His ambition for the paintings in turn being to create an emotive reaction in the viewer, primarily the result of colour.

What attracted you to the space and what makes your studio suitable for your practice? 

River Studios will be my very first studio and I cannot wait to have a space that enables me to paint regularly, an in a space that has beautiful natural light. As a local I'm also looking forward to becoming a more involved member of the arts community in the western suburbs.