Visual Artist working in River Studios

About Ignacio

Everything in my life is art and cultural diversity in the centre of my practice. I was born in Chile in 1978 and moved to Australia in 2001. I have a double background in fine arts and sociology which I have brought together in my multidiciplinary PhD in Australian studies and visual arts at The University of Melbourne. 

I have exhibited in more than thirty solo and group shows as well as being finalist in numerous art competitions including the Black Swan Prize, Albany Art Prize and Australian Stencil Art Prize. I have worked as an art teacher in a number of socially inclusive programs as well as in different univiersities as research assistant and project officer including RMIT University, Victoria University and The University of Melbourne

What appealed to you most about your studio space when you first saw it?

Definitely the light and the beautiful wooden floors.

How have you made this space your own?

If anyone visits my studio they would be able to see straight away at what stage of the creative process my mind and work are. The closer the deadlines are the messier my studio gets, but if I’m working on my thesis the studio get quiet… so I would say my studio mirrors me completely.

What do you create or make in your studio?

At the moment I am working my final PhD exhibition (paintings).

What is your favourite item in your studio at the moment (or in the whole building)?

There are two nails in the kitchen area that are crucial to my work. Because I need distance to check if my multilayered paintings are coming together, every now and then I take my paintings to the common area and stare at them while having a cup of tea.