Painter working in River Studios

Lukas Clark Orsanic is a Melbourne based practitioner, investigating the role of non-objective painting within a contemporary context. He completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) at RMIT in 2017.

Orsanic’s practice examines the conditions of duration, the negotiation of process as a marking of time, and capacity to illicit a continual sense of ‘becoming’ through the painting process. The role of contemporary painting and the process of looking is considered through varied painting processes and installation methods within the studio, experimenting with the ability to activate viewer perception, encouraging the viewer to become aware of their visual processes. 

Orsanic’s practice expands from the reworking of motives and methodologies established by the Minimalism, Formalism, and Op Art movements, whereby re-engaging paintings’ materiality through incidental inflections. The work examines the the role of happenstance and intention in painting and the affect of modular installation.

What attracted you to the space and what makes your studio suitable for your practice? 

River studios is in a great location, the building offers fantastic natural light great for painting, and a diverse range of artists and practitioners.