Graphic Design working in River Studios

Maddie Symons is a freelance designer with interest in encounters between tactile and digital processes. Through completing a year of design research in 2018, she ran group participatory workshops to further understand the benefits of connecting through making.

Lucy Russell is a Melbourne-based designer whose work has long orbited artists’ practices. She has maintained a freelance practice alongside working in-house for a variety of creative companies for four years, since completing her Bachelor of Visual Communication in 2014. Lucy recently completed a year of research in communication design, and is interested in theory, exposing creative processes, and the intersection of art and design.

Both Maddie and Lucy are teaching Communication Design research at Monash university.

Together, Maddie and Lucy run One by One, a collaborative design practice with a focus on critical and tactile processes. With a shared interest in design research, they enjoy experimenting with their practice and value honest, critical design responses.

What attracted you to the space and what makes your studio suitable for your practice?

We love working within a greater community of creatives and being surrounded by other practices that engage in hands-on making. As designers, we often work digitally but also engage in more tactile processes such as drawing by hand, cut paper, printing and sewing. The space at River Studios is ideal for physical as well as digital experimentation through both the space it provides and the surrounding community of artists.