Graphic Design working in River Studios

Amici Studio are a team of early career designers working and collaborating in Melbourne. Working across print, web, and branding, Amici puts collaboration, discussion and play at the heart of our practice. Our design studio structure is created, managed and controlled solely by the designers that are part of it. Our way of designing is collaborative while our way of operating is co-operative. We aim to explore how, through graphic design, we can engage, challenge and explore how design can be a vehicle for expression.

Amici Studio consists of Alicia Simons, Audrey Chmielewski, Bridget Melville, James Meadowcroft, Liz Luby and Selena Repanis. James Meadowcroft, Liz Luby and Selena Repanis will be operating out of River Studios in 2020.

What attracted you to the space and what makes your studio suitable for your practice? 

Amici were attracted to River Studios, and more broadly, to Creative Spaces, as we are looking to legitimise and expand our practice. By operating out of a space that allows us to be surrounded by other creatives of varying disciplines, we believe this will encourage us to experiment with what directions our practice can go. In Amici, we historically divide our time between client projects, self-initiated exhibitions, and events where we publicly disseminate our work, and by working in River Studios, we want to continue to engage with the Melbourne Arts Community.