1 May 2013

    The construction of the art deco a style Degraves Street subway was spurred by the 1956 Olympics. Its purpose was to enable local workers to bypass crowds and access Flinders St Station more easily. The subway connects station platforms and is reached via stairs off Degraves & Flinders Streets. A total of 18 glass display cases line the arcade walls, these vary in width from 2 to 4 metres and were originally designed to showcase the wares of the nearby Mutual store (long since closed).

    Connex estimates that 35 000 pedestrians pass through the subway weekly, offering artists tremendous exposure and a truly public forum.

    The Platform Artists Group, an artist run initiative, has mounted exhibitions in the arcade since 1995. It regularly holds monthly art and design shows as well as events such as fashion parades, performance art and live music.


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