10 December 2014

    What a fantastic year it has been for creative space across Australia. We've had amazing feedback on the Creative Spaces website throughout the year, and would like to share some exciting stats from the year that was...

    Following the redesign of the Creative Spaces website in June we’ve served over 65,000 individual searches to people looking for space in which to practice, develop, perform and exhibit creative work. 


    searches since June

    Each month around 70 new listings nationally are added to the website, meaning we now have over 1000 active listings.


    active listings



    new listings per month

    The website has served over 1,569,645 pageviews to 193,272 unique visitors (a 20% increase on 2013).

    1.5 million 




    unique visitors 

    With the City of Melbourne, City of Sydney and Brisbane City Council now licensing the website, Creative Spaces continues to grow and serve more cities and regional areas around the country.

    The most exciting part is that we continue to offer our service 100% free to all users, making Creative Spaces an invaluable resource for creative practice and those with the space to support it.


    100% Free

    to use

    Start searching for or listing your spaces today...

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