14 September 2015

    Earlier this year the City of Melbourne’s Creative Spaces program launched its newly established studio at the Carlton Connect Initiative’s (CCI), LAB-14. The studio positions artists amongst researchers, academics and entrepreneurs addressing issues of environmental sustainability and resilience.

    The space is accompanied by a residency program, which is delivered by the Arts Melbourne Arts Investment Team and jointly funded by the City of Melbourne Sustainability Branch and Creative Spaces. Each year, four residencies will be offered to creative practitioners to explore sustainability and resilience through their practice.


    The first artists to take advantage of the new studio were Debbie Symons and Jasmine Targett, with The Catchments Project. The pair researched “how humanity manages or mismanages its nature-based assets surrounding water.” Through two distinct artworks - Making Water Visible and The Water Harvest - the duo has discovered the man-made and natural influences on the flow of water throughout the City and Greater Melbourne.

    “This is reflected in the connection between the two works within the space. As they overlap they create a visual representation of how the natural and man-made can work in collaboration, creating a sustainable super ecology,” explain the artists.

    The works presented in the exhibition address the challenge and complexity of the City of Melbourne’s climate change adaptation studies, surrounding reduced rainfall and drought.

    The Catchments Project was part of the Art+Climate=Change Festival from April – May 2015.

    There will be an Open Day at LAB-14 on Tuesday 8th December, where current Creative Spaces Studio Residents - Chart Collective - will host an 'in-conversation' event with two Fieldwork participants, describing the project and processes, editorialising the content of their project and drawing out some of the main themes that emerged.

    To register your interest in attending the open day, please visit this page.

    The Chart Collective Fieldwork event will be held from 11am - 11:30am

    Read more about Chart Collective here.

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