Dirty Dozen Exhibition: Museum of Connectivity


    26 May 2016

    Creative Spaces is thrilled to present the latest exhibition to enliven the busy commuter underpass that extends between Flinders Station to Degraves Street.


    The exhibition, titled Museum of International Connectivity, is curated by Dr Phil Edwards from the RMIT School of Art, in collaboration with Hong Kong Art School. 

    Museum of International Connectivity runs from 26 April to 20 June at The Dirty Dozen, Campbell Street Arcade

    17 artists from Melbourne and overseas explore themes of location, identity and temporality across diverse mediums; including printmaking, video, painting, sculpture and photography.


    PhD candidate and artists Pia Johnson said “The Dirty Dozen is a great public space to be able to present work as the audience are not only people who are there to look at the art like in a traditional gallery, but also those passing through.” 


    Kay Beadman (Hong Kong)

    Katie Ho (Hong Kong)

    Jungwoo Hong (South Korea)

    Tracy Lam (Hong Kong)

    Florence Li (Hong Kong)

    Helen Pun (Hong Kong)

    Mathew Tsang (Hong Kong)

    Kawita Vatanajyankur (Thailand)

    Reilly Allen (Australia)

    Michael Armstrong (Australia)

    Sofi Basseghi (Australia/Iran)

    Josephine Franklin (Australia)

    Gary James (Australia)

    Pia Johnson (Australia)

    Carolyn Hawkins (Australia)

    Lesley O’Gorman (Australia)

    Gabriel Tongue (Australia)

    Thanks to all the artists involved in Museum of International Connectivity, Phil Edwards, RMIT School of Art, and Hong Kong Art School. 

    Read more about the exhibition on the RMIT website

    IMAGES from top to bottom: The Dirty Dozen installation view, featuring the work of Kawita Vatanajyankur; work by Kay Beadman, Amplifying Garments,(2016) Mixed media, performance documentation, felt (installation view); Lesley O'Gorman Artefacts of Separation and Memory, (2016) thread sculptures, dimensions variable (detail).

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