Taste the future: public reading at LAB-14


    9 June 2016

    For the last four months, Jordan Prosser and David Finnigan, artists in residence at Carlton Connect LAB-14 have been busy imagining the future - year 2050 to be exact. 

    In keeping with the Carlton Connect Initiative's themes of climate change, risk and resilience, social equity and adaptation; these two writers have been busy researching and calling on scientists and academics at the forefront of future forecasting to better shape and inform their visions of the future. 

    Now, as their residency draws to a close, a unique opportunity to see the fruits of their work is open to the public, for one night only. Details below:  

    Thursday, 23 June, 6-7pm

    Carlton Connect Initiative – Seminar Room

    LAB-14, 700 Swanston Street
    Carlton 3053

    Open invitation

    In the future, everyone will murder a boy band member.

    Jordan Prosser and David Finnigan are undertaking the first phase of a new project bringing together film and futures studies to ask: what kind of Australia might we be inhabiting in the year 2050? And, in 34 years time, what will boy bands look and sound like? 

    Jordan and David have drawn on existing future scenarios by CSIRO, the Australian Academy of Science, NASA, the IPCC and the Australian Defence Force, to create four hypothetical visions for how Australia might look in the year 2050. Each scenario reflects a different trajectory for the country through the next three decades of change.

    The result of this research is CrimeForce: LoveTeam, an episodic police procedural in the style of Law & Order, which follows an investigation into the murder of a member of a top-ranking boy band. We see the story play out in each of the four future scenarios, and in each instance reflect on the different ways in which the world has changed. 

    On Thursday 23 June, Jordan and David will give the first public presentation about this work, for LAB-14 staff and the general public. Come and have a listen to the sounds of future pop, and taste the justice of tomorrow.

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