Interview with Kate Geck, River Studios


    20 August 2016

    We took a moment to talk to Kate Geck, an installation artist who works out of River Studios - a Creative Spaces managed building in West Melbourne.

    What do you love about your creative space?

    The height is amazing - it feels so expansive in there. I also love how industrial it is - my space is all corrugated iron sheets. It's a weird clash with all my colourful plastic sculptures!  

    What’s a typical day/night in the studio like for you?

    It really depends on the project, but usually lots of work on the computer or lots of sewing when I am in that space. Or else searching for like batteries or a remote because my storage system is a bit cooked...  

    What are you currently reading?

    Lol emails.  

    What are you currently listening to?

    Clams Casino and Balam Acab  

    What are you currently watching?

    This week I just finished Stranger Things - good ending - and The Kettering Incident - TERRIBLE ENDING.  

    What are some upcoming projects you are working on?

    I have some textile work in the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week Creative Collection opening on the 26th of August.

    I'm also running a free AR workshop for MSFW on the 27th at Docklands Library, and speaking on a Fashion/Tech panel on September 3rd.

    I’m also finishing up a community arts project with SIGNAL and Artful Dodgers and Deborah Kelly - making large collaged banners to hang down Swanston St and Flinders St in September/October.

    How has your creative space informed your practice?

    It's a bit bigger and better organised than any of my previous spaces, and it also has a much stronger sense of community. So these things definitely make me spend more time there!  

    If you had to choose between VR or AR? Which one and why?

    Hmmmm I think VR but more like when Michael Douglas physically hacks into the VR filing system from Disclosure... Really captures the thrilling potential of the medium. 

    What are some recent projects you’ve been involved with?

    Gertrude St Projection Fest that I was just part of - I projected onto the Builder's Arms and Epson sponsored the site.

    Presented a guided meditation live to air as part of Sisters Akousmatika for Nextwave 2016 Ran an AR project with young people at signal in April making augmented reality amulets and shrines.

    And then there's a couple of things from my residency in NYC earlier this year - making neon lights, laser cutting and AR surfaces. This is also the kind of stuff I am working on at the moment in the studio. 

    And I recently had work in Glow Fest for City of Stonnington August 19/20 

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