Dirty Dozen Exhibition: WRITTEN UNDER ERASURE


    5 April 2018

    WRITTEN UNDER ERASURE is a record of five artists working in collaboration – their work alongside and sometimes overlaying or altering one another’s – to explore the potential and application of the idea of palimpsest as a model.

    The work explores how the idea of the palimpsest – in relation to history, place, time, memory – can be expressed materially. The results of this exploration reveal that the process of mark-making and collaboration is continuously fluctuating and ephemeral, layered in both time and space. So is the process of viewing: the viewer never comes to an artwork as a blank slate; instead, like the work itself, our impressions are always superimposed over their own past forms.

    Curated by Hootan Heydari


    Alan Jones
    Alice Ramsden
    Callan Skimin
    Dean West
    Hootan Heydari

    Dirty Dozen is a space that from the outset sits in a different paradigm to the white cube; it sits in a thoroughfare for the train commuters in a building with a history dating back to 1955 and strong unique characteristics, which make it an exciting but challenging space to work with. The impetus for the show was to bring five artists together who work in different practices and media to respond to the space collaboratively and to create essentially one seamless work that spoke directly to the space. 

    The interrelationships between the artists’ works developed over the period leading up to the exhibition but the process was clear from the beginning: erasure. Palimpsest emerged as the dominant theme- every artist had worked at erasing something and everything created subtracted something to feed its creation. The works in the exhibition would also erase that of previous shows knowing that those who succeed us will do as we did by erasing our traces. This will embed itself in the walls of Dirty Dozen permanently: this is WRITTEN UNDER ERASURE.

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