10 September 2018

    Cellular Memory experiments with how energy and emotion can be transferred across space and time, through five installation pieces that explore themes of identity, connection, the environment and asks who we are and what are we to become.

    I work with a technique which, to a certain degree takes the rational thought of the artist out of the process and the work is designed by the medium itself.  I create my work with what I call metal brushstrokes; they are short lengths of steel pipe which have been bent and cut at random angles. I use a selection of these to create line, and because of the random angles it is almost impossible to dictate the course of the line you are making.  Instead I concentrate on transferring feeling and meaning on a cellular level which flows in the implied water caught in the edge of steel pipe.

    My art practice is very experimental, in the confines of this one medium. I’m interested in creating new shapes and forms which challenge our minds neuro connections to find meaning, in abstract works.

    To create form, I take a line I have tac welded together and drop it, consequently breaking it and leaving me with two or more lines. I then reorder these lines until stability is found and weld, this process continues, dropping and breaking until no more breaks occur. As the process continues an abstract image starts to appear and I am left with a stable form which holds the emotion and story of my energy and thought.

    All five work have been made to withstand outdoor conditions with a once yearly maintenance spray of Penetrol rust treatment to keep in new condition.

    Chaos and order explores consciousness and how we came into existence.  The experimental welding shows my fascination with the medium and how energy can be seen in the movement of the weld.

    What lies between us.

    Once constructed within this form I saw the struggle of two people being pulled apart and together. The two human forms lye one under another with heads of copper and naked breast.

    The continuous battle for freedom sees the creation of a female form burdened with a twisted ball of pipe.

    The Critical Balance of Life.  Explores how miniscule change can have tremendous impact

    The search for our lost connection to the lands see a headless female form striding through the landscape, with a fleshy heart trapped beneath the hills.

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