Cella 620, Nicholas Building

Type of space: Manufacturing/Fabrication Space, Co-Working Space, Design Studio, Visual Art Studio

    Hello! and welcome to my creative sanctuary, Cella 620.

    This studio in nestled in the centre of Melbourne's CBD, in the Nicholas Building, a gorgeous art deco building, which holds a rich history of creativity in Melbourne.

    We enjoy a lovely community of artists, designers and more who all run small businesses from their studios, and I encourage the tenants of my studio to join our network in the recently established Nicholas Building Association.

    The space is much quieter than the studios on the outside of the building, and has a window facing inwards to a light well through the centre of the building. It’s peaceful, and I quite often forget I’m in the central hustle and bustle of the city when I’m in there.

    The location is very handy for jewellery practitioners, being right near our suppliers along Swanston St, and art galleries, restaurants, shops and public transport are all at our doorstep.

    I’m looking for 1 or 2 more professionals to join me in the studio, since my current long-term tenant is moving to the country.

    My own time in the studio fluctuates quite a lot, as I work in another place as well, on top of other life and family duties, but when I do get in there, my time there is precious and I need a calm and positive atmosphere to focus on my work.

    I’m looking for the right person/people to nurture this space as a creative refuge and welcoming place to meet our clients.

    The space primarily operates as a jewellery studio, I have my private bench and a communal tool bench. A small set of rollers, a polishing motor, ultrasonic and pickle are available for others tenants to use with due care. There's also a display cabinet for jewellery or other objects for open house events held annually by the Nicholas Building community.

    I am open to another type of artist or designer moving in, who may need a computer desk or drawing board setup. The main thing I need to make clear is that while my work is not constant, it is metal work, which involves hammering, drilling, saw-piercing and polishing motors, and there will be periods of industrial noise, depending on what I’m working on. Other times, I will be working on designs, admin and meeting with clients.

    The room doesn’t have a direct water source, we use water from the building bathrooms and transfer bottled water with a basin setup in our room.

    There’s a communal desk to work at your computer, draw, or photograph work.

    We have a small consultation area with a leather couch and coffee table for client consultations, or for resting during your break.

    I keep indoor plants and encourage others do the same! :)

    There is also a kettle and a microwave for all the use.

    If you wish to come and see the space, or discuss anything further, feel free to call or text me 0403969843, or email theanightingaledesign@gmail.com

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    All the best


    Pricing Terms

    Rent price will depend on the number of tenants occupying the space.

    2 people (myself and one other) will pay $270 each/pcm, and 3 people will pay $180 each/pcm

    As I am looking taking my time to select the right individual/s for the space, it will likely start out being $270 each until we meet the right third party to join us :)

    A bond is required for for the duration of tenancy, equal to 1 month rent, plus keys and access card fee of $55, which will be returned at the end of tenancy, provided the terms and conditions are met as per a signed agreement.

    Tenants are advised to get their own public liability insurance to cover themselves for inviting clients into the space, and contents insurance if needed for materials and equipment.

    Lease Conditions

    Main conditions of studio Cella 620:

    No drama please. We all have our complicated, busy lives, and this studio will not tolerate gossip, disrespect or aggressive behaviour. Positive, thoughtful and honest communication is key to the harmonious environment of this workspace.

    Tenants need to respect eachother’s belongings, and not interfere with another’s property unless permission is granted clearly between the tenants.

    Consideration for other tenants, no unreasonably loud music on the stereo or disruptive behaviour, especially when their clients are visiting. If one tenant desires a peaceful space, others can use headphones to listen to their music. Again, respect and communication is key

    Pay your rent on time, or you forfeit your bond.

    Keep the space neat and tidy for other tenants to enjoy and greet their clients.

    As a co-ordinator for this studio, I require that changes to the setup or usual operation of the space be confirmed with me first, so as not to disrupt the work of others.

    Parking Notes

    Paid parking available in the CBD, very close to all public transport

    This space is suitable for Arts and CraftCo-workingDesk-based workDrawingGraphic DesignIndustrial DesignJewellery


    • Max. Capacity 3