Factory 49 Paris

Type of space: Art Gallery, Residency

    Factory 49 Paris Gallery and Residence

    Address: 10 rue de Chaligny 75012 Paris France

    Factory 49 Paris has a residency/exhibition available for makers of non-objective work.

    The gallery/residency is at 10 rue de Chaligny 75012 in a lovely tree lined street with a bar/ cafe next door, a supermarket across the street and an automatic laundry. At one end is a roundabout with a lovely fountain and seating. At the other end is the entrance to the metro (line 1, Reuilly Diderot). It is a 10 minute walk to our friends gallery Abstract Project at Nation. Cafes and restaurants abound and the old and very good Aligree farmers markets are nearby open every day.

    There are 3 rooms, the gallery in the front room (20m2 which will be repainted white), the residency in the back room (8m2, fitted with bed settee), and the toilet in the middle. The residency will have a shower and kitchenette.. The artist can bring husband/wife, partner or friend.

    Attached are some preliminary images and the Schedules for 2018 and 2019. The furniture at the moment belongs to the present tenant, which he will take out.

    The artist is totally responsible for arranging and paying for

    airfare and all travel costs

    all travel insurances and any other insurances including those required for art

    any required customs forms and any import charges for art works at customs

    The artist will pay

    electricity at 0,25€/KWh.

    the cost of catalogue printing

    The artist will be responsible for hanging the exhibition,

    organizing the opening night on the Wednesday 6 - 8 pm

    minding the exhibition from Thursday to Saturday 1 - 7 pm

    demounting on the last Saturday

    Attached are some images of the gallery and the Schedule for 2018 and 2019.

    Successful artists will be required to pay 50% of costs immediately on signing the Letter of Agreement with the balance one month later (no refunds).

    Postage, insurances etc are the responsibility of the artist.

    We do hope you will be able to participate.

    Thank you 

    Pam Aitken

    Co-ordinator of International Affairs

    Pricing Terms

    The pricing is in Euros.

    As we will be renting the 40m2 space, there will be costs involved. Each exhibition/residency is for 4 weeks.

    The cost for each artist for a solo exhibition and residency will be E1,500


    1 catalogue production at E90

    Electricity at 0.25€/KWh

    Catalogue printing

    There are also 2 periods for exhibition only E 500


    1 catalogue production at E90

    Lease Conditions

    This residency/exhibition is available for 4 weeks. A letter of agreement will be signed by the artist.

    This space is suitable for DrawingExhibitionsInstallationNew MediaPaintingPhotographyResidencySculpture


    • Floor Dimensions 40.00 meters sq.
    • Ceiling Height Standard (up to 3m)
    • Max. Capacity 2
    • Floorplan Download


    For audience
    • Accessible toilet

    • Public transport

    • Suitable lighting